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Malware monster wins again!

Takeaways: The latest OCR resolution makes specific points on what OCR considers reasonable and appropriate technical safeguards of the Security Rule.  If you aren’t up to date with all of your software, it does matter very much once malware finds you. There are points in this latest OCR resolution that have been mentioned time and again. […]

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The fines are coming! The fines are coming!

To borrow from Longfellow’s poem: Listen my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, In this case, it isn’t a midnight ride but a late afternoon speech by Jerome B. Meites, a chief regional civil rights counsel at HHS, in Chicago.  Historians say Revere never uttered the famous phrase and neither […]

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Bite the Bullet

5 Tips to Just Get Your Risk Analysis Done

Doing a Security Risk Analysis is high on many lists right now.  Not only is it the number one thing OCR has defined as not being done properly, but it is also a required element for Meaningful Use attestation.  We have been getting a lot of traffic to our Risk Analysis Content page most likely […]

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XP released

Does XP swan song affect your HIPAA compliance?

We started working with our clients on replacing XP machines in their technology plans in 2013. No one is surprised when we come calling for the last few they have installed in 2014.  They have been hearing we were removing them for a long time.  But, not everyone has had that much warning it seems. […]

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HIPAA Perimeter Security

HIPAA Penetration Testing?

Being an IT company that specializes in HIPAA compliance we get a lot of interesting inquiries that leave us scratching our heads.  HIPAA penetration testing is one of the areas.  We get an inquiry to perform penetration testing for a new customer.  Almost always the request is coming from a CE or BA that hasn’t […]

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