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We can do this. It’s easy.

An iconic symbol of on-the-job hilarity is the I Love Lucy episode in the candy factory.  The vision of Ethel and Lucy shoving candy in their mouths, tops, and hats as the conveyor belt moves past can’t help  but make you laugh. Vivian Vance and Lucille Ball ham it up at the chocolate factory in […]

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HIPAA Audits: Coming Soon to an Office Near You

The OCR is reviewing the results of the 2012 pilot audits.  They have published the Audit Program Protocol so you know what to expect when they come for you. In Director Rodriguez’s interview with HealthcareInfoSecurity, he made some important points to note concerning the audits. Audits will begin in late 2013 or certainly by 2014 […]

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Business Associates: Step up Now to Protect your Covered Entities

The definition of a Business Associates (BAs) changed under HIPAA 2.0 to broaden the scope of who is considered a BA as well as exactly what a BA is obligated to do for compliance.  While the changes seem obvious and not too complicated to implement according to those writing the Omnibus Final Rule, the rest […]

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